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Peter Brüning: "Ohne Titel", 1963
Öl/Ölkreide auf Leinwand
(Wvz. Otten Nr. 20/63),
Sammlung J.Lückeroth

Since 2003 the collection has remained with the Gustav-Lübcke-Museum Hamm

Dr. Ellen Schwinzer
Neue Bahnhofstraße 9
59065 Hamm


The collection"Frühes deutsches Informel Jupp Lückeroth" (Early German Informal, Jupp Lückeroth).comprises 165 works of art by contemporaries of Lückeroth, pioneers of modern art after the Second World War and companions of the artist.

Central part of the collection, which always served the artist as his mental and formal analysis, are paintings and artwork on paper by almost all main representatives of the German Informal:Emil Schumacher, Karl Fred Dahmen, Karl Otto Goetz, Peter Brüning, Rudi Baerwind, Fritz Winter, Albert Fürst, Fathwinter, Hubert Berke, Thomas Grochowiak, Peter Herkenrath, Heinz Kreutz, Hann Trier u.a.

Lückeroth always used these works of colleagues in his analysis and his striving for further formal development. Especially the works of those artists in the collection Lückeroth have to be mentioned, who preceded the German modern art after the war. In the first place there are two aquarelles and a convolute of etchings by WOLS. One aquarelle, dated 1940, stands for WOLS`s main phase of artistic self-finding during his long internment in France. The second aquarelle represents the post-war time in Paris when WOLS experienced his receptional breakthrough.

Likewise Lückeroth collected works of those artists who followed after the generation of the Informal. These are works of art in which the artists dealt with graphical structures and components of material as bearers of artists intentions. These were quite in agreement with Lückeroths`s own mature oevre. Some of those artists are: Rudolf Englert, Raimund Girke, Ferdinand Spindel, Gerhard Hoehme, Reinhold Koehler, Waldemar Niepagenkemper.

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