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With his active artistic work over a period of four decades Jupp Lückeroth has left us a rich legacy of paintings, gouaches and drawings.

Two essential features characterize his oevre: Observartion of nature and the aesthetic setting of its perfection.

Methamorphosis of nature, its seasonal and daily appearance and materials are living poles of our being. Light makes its colours - determined by its growth - and its features visible. Its energetic substance is hidden like mineral resources. The richness of nature can be felt, seen, tasted and we can imagine it as an infinite crush of forces that organizes itself at any instant in a way which is complicated and harmonic, chaotic and structured between the face of earth and the universe. Exactly in this cosmos of forces, trends and impulses the artist Jupp Lückeroth was interested all his life.



20.09.1919 born in Cologne

1930-1936 secondary modern school

1936-1939 training as an insurance agent

1941 - 1945 military service in Romania (Bukarest), prisoner of war in Russia

from 1947 manager in a Cologne insurance company

1948 - 1951 studies at the Cologne academy for administration, stay in Paris, theoretical analysis of modern art, private tuiton by Prof. Köster

07.06. 1950 marriage

from 1951 studies of the hollistic conception of the world as a spiritual basis of informal painting (Hans Zehrer, Jean Gebser, Wolfgang Wieser, Joachim Ernst Behrendt, Fritjof Capra u.a.)

from 1952 painter, first tachistic paintings

from 1953 studies in the moors of Black Forest and at the North Sea

1956 member of the association of Cologne artists and first participation in exhibitions

1957 first works on bristol cardboard using metal colours.
friendship with Klaus Franck and several exhibitions in his gallery at Frankfurt.

1958 beginning of his collection "German informal painting".
participation in the first exhibition of the Zero-Group "The red picture".

1960 co-founder of the group"fabo" in Bochum, Manifest

1961 meeting with Oscar Fritz Schuh (theatres of Cologne), several exhibitions

1962 member of the group 6o in Düsseldorf.
member of the group 52 in Gelsenkirchen

1963 member of the secession in Duisburg, meeting with Prof. Grohmann

1974 friendship with Frau Irmgard Vieth and exhibition or participations in the gallery Vieth , Cologne

1978 member of the association of artists "Malkasten" in Düsseldorf

1991 award of the "letter of honour" of Trier.
periods of stay in London, Venedig, Fallingbostel (Lüneburger Heide), St. Gilgen (Wolfgangsee), Daun (Eifeler Maare), Istanbul

03.05.1993 deceased in Colgne


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